I love reality television shows especially the singing competition kind. They have so much talent and the stories that the contestants are willing to tell to get pity votes are to die for! Anyway, currently, I am watching The Voice, Season 6 and there’s this guy who is married with two kids. He quit his job to pursue a full time music career which is understandable because he is super talented. He sings beautifully and effortlessly. But because of his decision to pursue a music career, his family is struggling financially. Naturally, my heart went out to the wife, who probably has to take up more financial responsibility in addition to raising their two children. That cannot be easy! I keep wondering how she is coping and if she fully supported his decision to quit his job and pursue a music career. 
Would you support your husband or partner, if you were in her shoes?
Picture from celebritylaundry.com
Personally, I am all for pursuing dreams! But I believe that’s what our teenage years, our twenties and even our thirties are for. So, I am not certain, if I were in her shoes, I could support that decision especially with two kids. It just seems like a very selfish decision. But then again not supporting his dreams would also be selfish and could possibly cause problems within the home. So, it is kind of tricky and I feel like a lot of times, we, women have to do things that are against our wishes for the sake of our families or to keep the peace. But where do we draw the line? When does it stop from being support and turn into enabling?

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