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Work with me!

I love working with individuals, brands and businesses and I am open to developing partnerships of all shapes and sizes. Below are the following services I offer:

Consulting and Training

When I am not mothering, blogging, and working full time as a Communication Specialist, I am running a digital content creation and management startup, Hey it’s Cin! which produces Modern African Mama. Through, Hey it’s Cin! I offer training and consultancy services on digital marketing strategies and/ or social media strategies for small businesses with special emphasis on businesses owned by young African mothers and women.


I offer very attractive and affordable advertising options to brands that align with the blog’s message and style. I offer sponsored posts and side banner ads. Please contact me for more details on pricing and sizing.


I review women’s products, from soaps, hair products to perfumes, make up, to weight loss shakes and teas. You name it and I will review it.


Do you have a product to give away, please send it my way and I will run a giveaway contest on your behalf.