When your friends start getting married, you become a victim of the wedding fever. 

Your relatives start hinting on how good you would look in a certain wedding dress or what colours they think you would like to have for your wedding. Other relatives pray for you, yes, they seriously pray for you, after all it is only natural for a woman my age with a child to be in the marriage state of mind or better yet be married or at least want to get married.

Your friends bombard you with their Michango ya Harusi (wedding donations) cards because they believe that you are on the same boat or about to get on the same boat, so you might as well scratch their backs, so that when your time comes, which they assume is very soon, they will scratch yours. Other friends cut you off because they feel sorry for you or maybe they think you might infect them with your unmarried state! Yes, do not be shocked, this happens too.

 Nobody cares whether you have a boyfriend or if that boyfriend is marriage material, all they want to know is when the wedding will be so that they can come eat, drink and be merry.
The end result is unhappy marriages and broken homes! Do not succumb to the pressure, be on the look-out for wedding fever symptoms among your friends and families and, set them straight!

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