Should pregnant women drink alcohol?

Being pregnant is hard! You have to walk around with an extra person on you in the form of a big round belly! You cannot fit into your favourite outfits. You cannot stop yourself from eating all kinds of junk foods that you know will make you even bigger and make it even harder to fit into your favourite outfits! Did I mention that you cannot sleep in any style you want because you have a big round belly? Or that when you do sleep, you have to get up every five minutes to pee? I know I am whining but it is really hard and some times you just want to put your feet up and grab a cold beer or some wine or some whisky on the rocks to calm your pregnant self down.
But should you drink when pregnant?
Pregnant Cindy
Well, drinking alcohol when you are expecting is one of those situations where the saying better safe than sorry should be applied. When I was pregnant, I read on the subject a lot (because I had a craving for Amarula! Can you believe that?) and I came to the conclusion that experts are split on the matter. For example, Baby Centre, a popular site that provides advice on pregnancy and children clearly state that alcohol and pregnancy do not mix. Other more progressive experts, like Pregnacare, a pregnancy supplement manufacturer, advise that you take it in small amounts. So in the end, it really boils down to personal choice and the choice to keep your baby safe.
My experience
I have to confess that I had a glass of Amarula two or three times during my pregnancy. On all two or three occasions, I was either around someone drinking Amarula or in a restaurant or at a party where I saw it and I just craved that creamy sweet taste or with a mommy friend who drunk when pregnant (mothers who drunk Guinness are the worst! They actually say it is good for them) and told me that my baby will be fine in a very dismissive tone.
My advice
  •  If you have an alcohol craving avoid parties, bars and some restaurants chances are if you see it, your pregnancy hormones will just tell you to drink it!
  • If you have a mommy friend like me who drunk when pregnant, avoid her, chances are she will convince you to have a glass of something alcoholic
  • If you have a mommy friend who drunk Guinness when she was pregnant, block her on your phone, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and all other social media pages even Linked in. She will not only convince you that your baby will be okay if you drink, she will actually tell you that alcohol is good for your baby.

Did you drink when you were pregnant? What is your take or advice?


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