Oh my, oh my, how time flies! Ola turns One!

It is my little girl’s birthday today! She is turning one and I am super excited for her and who am I kidding, myself too! It  seems like it was yesterday that she was born, that she would not sleep through the night, that she depended on me for every thing and today, she is one, one year closer to being independent!

It has not been an easy year for us, we have had to make a lot of adjustments but we have managed. Of course, with a lot of help from my family (especially, my mommies), my friends and my new co-workers. 
So, although it is Ola’s birthday I would like to celebrate these people too. Thank you for all the help guys!

We cannot do much of a celebration today because it is a weekday and I am a working mummy and a business woman on the side. So I am planning a small birthday party and appreciation party over the weekend.
I will make sure, I share with you guys the party planning details, for those who will soon be celebrating their babies’ first birthdays or even second, third or fourth birthdays or any birthdays!
Please join me in wishing my little girl a happy birthday! Happy Birthday Ola!


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