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My name is Cindy Bavo. I am a mom, a communication specialist, an entrepreneur, a singer, a fashionista, a lone traveler, a shopaholic, and a startup enthusiast among other things. I like to call myself super woman but well titles like that do not come that easy, so for now, I am just Cindy. I am the writer behind the Modern African Mom blog, a product of Hey it’s Cin!, my digital content creation and management company based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Modern African Mama blog

I started this mommy blog in May, 2014. Initially, my goal was to share my experiences as a young mother. But over the last two years, I have grown so much in terms of my life experiences in motherhood, relationships and entrepreneurship and I wanted to share that as well and inspire other women and mothers to be bold and to take risks in life, love and business.

My vision is to see young mothers become audacious and chase their dreams whatever they maybe: get that pre-baby body back; start a business; travel the world; have the most amazing sex ever in the most frowned upon locations; go back to school; be a stay-at-home mom or career woman; wear that scandalous but stunning outfit that makes people go wow!

To cut this long ‘About me’ rant short, I want women to remember that being a mother does not mean you get to lose yourself or let your dreams or needs take a back seat! With that said, Let’s DO THIS!

Thank you for stopping by!