Getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight is not impossible. Believe it or not, it can be done but it will take a lot of dedication and possibly the 9 months that it took you to gain the weight. You will be tested and discouraged by your progress and by people…especially by people. I know this because many people told me that I should forget about ever fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes ever again but I wasn’t about to let my suitcases and closet full of clothes go to my cousins just like that! I am selfish, I know. Also I had never been a fan of spanks. I hate them with a passion! They are clingy, uncomfortable and I usually get all sweaty when I wear them.

So, from the time of delivery, I knew I had a tough journey ahead and 6 weeks later I got to business, project Get my SEXY BACK!
I am going to be sharing my weight loss journey over the next few posts. This is to help mothers who are about to embark on their weight loss journey, are on their weight loss journey and those still waiting for inspiration of some sort.
P.S: Guest posts on weight loss journeys are MORE THAN WELCOMED! You don’t have to have lost a ton of weight or any weight at all but maybe people can learn from your struggles and triumphs or even help you fix the things that you have been doing wrong.

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