Height: 5 ft 5
True Weight: 60 kilograms (without exercise or watching what I eat)
Pre- pregnancy Weight: 60 kilograms
Weight gained during pregnancy: 18 kilograms
Post Pregnancy Weight: 57 kilograms
Ideal weight: 56 kilograms and ABS TO DIE FOR
Weakness: Sweet tooth Strength: I actually love exercising Problem: No time

Me, before motherhood. So wild and free!

I come from a family of big women. So, I have always watched my weight for as long as I can remember. But during my pregnancy I let myself go. I ate what I wanted and when I wanted. I gained 18 kilograms!
Me at about 30 weeks
 I lost 5 kilograms immediately after delivery, 3 kilograms by the 10thday medical checkup and 4 kilograms after the 3rd week. By week 4, postpartum, I was at 66 kilograms and I remained at that weight for the next 3 months. No matter how much I exercised or how little I ate, the scale would not move. By 12 weeks postpartum, I was convinced that I would never lose the weight.
So, I relaxed on my exercise regimen and my diet. I gained 2 kilograms in one week and the weight kept on piling up in the following weeks. Before I knew it, I was back to 70 kilograms.
I was so frustrated and to add on to my frustration were people like Kim Kardashian who had lost almost all her pregnancy weight and was even wearing a bikini! HOW NOW? I soon realized two things a) that maintaining weight is better than gaining weight  b) to lose weight I needed to change my whole strategy, basically take what I know and flush it down the toilet, and c) Kim Kardashian was not breast feeding (this is my own conspiracy theory to make myself feel better).
I did my research and went back to drawing board. At the time, I had two choices, either follow the Dukan diet that my mom and Kate Middleton were doing and lose all the weight (10kilograms) in 4 weeks or just lead a healthy lifestyle and lose the 10 kilograms in the next 6 to 12 months. 
You can guess the route I chose first! I went the Dukan diet way; lean protein, oat bran and water! I told myself that I could totally do it especially if my mom could do it. As it turns out, I couldn’t do it. On the second day of the attack phase, I decided oat bran tasted like dog food and the protein was hurting my tummy. My energy levels were also really low. I just wasn’t myself.
The only other option now was a healthy lifestyle. It was so hard at the beginning but I have gotten the hang of it and it is totally worth it! My goal was to get back to 60kgs but now I am at 57 kgs. I feel so good and so full of energy.
Me, 7 months post baby
My next post will be about a healthy diet plan and exercise plan as well as online weight loss tools you can use and some abcs on weight loss.
P.S: Guest posts on weight loss journeys or any other issues are welcomed! You don’t have to have lost a ton of weight or any weight at all but maybe people can learn from your struggles and triumphs or even help you fix the things that you have been doing wrong. Email me at sandrabavo@gmail.comor reach me on facebook: Modern African Mamas or on twitter: @modernafrimamas

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