To me, Olanna is the most beautiful, amazing, sweet- looking creature that I brought into this world. 

When I see her, I see total and utter cuteness. From her big gap-tooth smile to her inquisitive almond-shaped brown eyes and of course I cannot forget to mention, her big pinchable cheeks! 

She is a bundle of delicious cuteness and I am not saying this just because I am her mother!
See for yourself…

Ola only a few hours old
Ola at 6 months
Ola at 9 months
Ola at 12 months

Isn’t she the cutest baby that you have ever seen…other than your baby of course?!

So, naturally, I get upset when the first thing that people say to me when they see her for the first time is “oh Cindy, your baby is so fat!” or “Look at her fat cheeks!” or worse, ” Cindy, kwani what are you feeding your baby? She is fat!”.

Excuse me, are you trying to get beat?! You could have said anything else like she is absolutely gorgeous . But nooo, you just had to go there with the f-word!

Yes, I am quite aware that I am being overly sensitive about my baby’s weight. I am sensitive about weight issues period. There’s a nerve that snaps when someone carelessly uses the word fat. I have seen how the word can lower someone’s self esteem and I will not have anyone do that to my little girl.

I know that Ola is big for her age. I am constantly reminded of it when I am buying diapers, clothes and baby items. It is a struggle to get her things that fit her just right. Hell, I even had to start potty training her at nine months because I worried that at some point, I might not be able to get her diapers that are her size!

But I no longer worry about her weight. In fact I refuse to. My pediatrician says that she is a healthy baby and that her weight is great, given her height, and I believe him! After all, he has been a Doctor for 20 years!

So call my baby cute, call her chubby, tell me you just want to eat her, feel free to pinch her cheeks, even tell me that she looks like her dad and nothing like me(I will not take any offense) but don’t you dare call my baby fat!

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