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Mommy and baby

3 life lessons that I had vowed to teach my children

I was The Perfect Child, all thanks to the life lessons that my mom carefully instilled in me with the promise that if I did everything that she told me to do, people will do the same for me. 
So, as my mom told me, I was kind to the people around me; when a shopkeeper mistakenly gave me more change than I was supposed to get, I gave it back; I kept my promises; I told the truth; if someone told me their secret, I kept it; I always tried not to waste food when I could because children in other homes were going hungry. Whatever she told me was the right thing to do, I did.
But then I grew up and I experienced life as is and honestly speaking, very rarely did I receive the same, if anything, I received worse. 
The people I was kind to, often took advantage and were often unappreciative; the shopkeepers that I did not short-change, often short-changed others and sometimes even myself; while I kept my promises, most people broke theirs to me; the truth always put me in trouble and hurt others; my secrets, almost always leaked; and eating all my food led to unhealthy eating habits.
In short, I always ended up being disappointed and quite often  questioned why my mom never told me the truth and like most ungrateful children, I vowed to be a different kind of mom and tell my children the “truth” whatever that is. 
Here are three of my ‘silly’ ideas of life lessons that I had vowed to teach my children but on second thought, I won’t (because now I know better):

1. Selfish people are happy people

From my experience, people who place themselves first often get what they want, when they want it and how they want. I am not saying don’t be kind, just always put yourself first and everybody else second- except me, your mom.

2. The truth does not set you free

If anything, the truth hurts people and it definitely does not set you free and even when people ask you to tell them the truth, they do not really mean it. So if you tell the truth be ready for the consequences.

3. If you must keep a secret do not tell a soul, not even a therapist!

A secret ceases to be a secret the moment you share it with someone else. So if you must have a secret, be ready to take it to your grave.
With such terrible life lessons, I wonder how messed up my children will be! I would definitely be a top contender for the Worst Mom in the World Award! So I think I will let the world teach these lessons to them.


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